Cultivation, processing of chilies into chili mash for export (Mozambique)


Further details and description of the project will follow once the project has been gone through the process of approval by the EVD.

Latest news:

This project has been approved for funding by the EVD.



The goal of the project is to establish a Core Production Operation (Piri Piri Elefante Mocambique) for the processing and export of chili products. Besides its own farm, the project will also contract  commercial out growers with small scale farming networks which will target and train 1500 small scale farmers .  PPEM will cultivate, process and export chilies under exclusive contract for McIIhenny Company USA (Tabasco® Pepper Sauces Owners) and other manufacturers based in South Africa. (Example: Nando’s, Elephant Pepper’s own brand ).

Project Mission:  PPEM and its commercial out growers and small scale farmers will work collaboratively under a shared vision of conservation and sustainable economic development for Mozambique.  PPEM brings financial, social and environmental benefits to its stakeholders, linking farmers to global markets through the sale of value added chilies products and by raising awareness around successful approaches to sustainable development.

African Spices Ltd. (ASL) and Elephant Pepper Development Trust were founded to support the initiative of elephant conservation and livelihood market linkages for rural Africans throughout Southern Africa. 

Its mandate is to service both of these objectives through the facilitation of chili cultivation, purchasing our chilies as a cash crop, and the broader objective of raising consumer awareness of the Elephant Pepper product brand.

The Tabasco (a variety of chili) chili mash production project specifically promotes the livelihoods of rural farmers, the development of conservation agricultural techniques, ethical supply chains and a ‘trade not aid’ philosophy to effect sustainable business development  in Africa.

ASL farming operations cultivates processes and exports Tabasco chili mash under an exclusive contract to Mcllhenny Company as one of only 7 approved suppliers globally.  ASL has already deployed this model successfully in Southern Africa, with 800 tons of mash exported to the McIlhenny Company (Tabasco®) over the past 6 years. During the 2009 season, 300 tons of mash was exported from Zambia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

ASL through its Mozambique operation PPEM will develop production in Southern Mozambique to increase the volume of chili mash exported to McIlhenny Company. PPEM will capitalize on Mozambique’s optimal growing conditions, abundant and affordable labor, and proximity to the increasingly efficient Port of Maputo.

PPEM’s operation will deploy a similar model as utilized in Zambia. This consists of a owned and operated Core Production Operation with production and processing facilities, and a network of commercial and smallholder farmers. This model is attractive as the core operation guarantees McIlhenny Company a minimum quota and a quality standard, while the out grower networks allow PPEM to increase overall production, volumes and ultimately turnover without significantly increasing its own costs.  Out growers benefit from a guaranteed market and price, providing a clear incentive to invest in capabilities and achieving the highest yields possible.

The reference in the document to Elephant Pepper is a brand name of the overall activities of the chili projects in Africa. The African Spices Ltd, Elephant Pepper Development Trust and Piri Piri Elefante Mozambique are related to the vision of the brand Elephant Pepper. Each individual company works independently of each other under the shared Vision of the Elephant Pepper’s social and environmental development objectives.


Latest Activities: August 2010

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september 2010: first chili seedlings and shade house ready. Construction warehouse going on.

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