Patrizia Sterenberg – is a consultant who has specialized in the PSOM/PSI Programme (Private Sector Investment Programme, DGGF), of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Development Cooperation). She matches business partners, writes PSOM/PSI applications, intermediates between the project partners and the EVD/Agentschap NL, and manages the project results during the two-year duration of the Pilot Projects being implemented. Since the first year of her business set up, 2004, she has submitted several project proposals. See Projects for examples and currently operational projects.

She personally manages the PSOM/PSI projects for the project period of two/three years concerning all the RVO/Agentschap NL obligations the project partners need to fulfil being Result Reports, financial management and payment requests. She has experience in translating Agentschap NL/RVO policies, conditions and (tender) instructions into practical tools for entrepreneurs wishing to apply for funding.

The next LAST tender period has closed in March 2014. PSI has been reshaped into the DGGF fund (Since July 2014). Depending on the sector and country of your project and project idea other funds are available. I currently (2016) also represent several SME’s on the African Continent (Kenya, Sudan, Malawi, Uganda, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Tanzania) to assist them in obtaining Equity, Loans, or (part) Grants. This is across all sectors.

Contact me if you have any questions or requests. 


Tilapia Aquaculture Uganda (2005)                              More photos                      Testimonial            Website Lake Harvest

Plastic Recycling Uganda Industries Ltd. (PRI)              More photos PRI (incl. 2011)            BBC/CNN item on PRI

E-Media Develoment Studio in Surinam:                      Website Spang Makandra

Post Consumer Plastic Recycling in Tanzania

Recycling of Post Consumer Refrigerators in Yutian, China

Production of Aquafeed in Uganda

Piloting a Cardiology Clinic in Uganda, Africa                Pictures                 Published articles

Pilot Production of Generic Veterinary Medicines in Uganda,  Africa

Recycling and remanufacturing of Toners and Cartridges in Ethiopia, Africa

Manufacturing of polypropylene woven bags for the cement and agro industry in Zambia, Africa

Production and Export of specialty peanuts in cooperation with out-growers in Bolivia       Website: Agritrade   Website Oerpinda

Cultivation and export of Chili mash  in cooperation with out-growers in Mozambique

In-Situ road recycling in South America, Suriname

Sudan: Hydraulic workshop and chrome plating facility; tender of August 2010

August 2011 projects: Malawi (PVC pipes), Armenia (Strawberries in greenhouse) and Uganda (MRI medical imaging). still ongoing

August 2012 projects: Sudan (Collection and Incineration of Medical/Hospital Waste) and Armenia (Leather Tannery). Still ongoing

August 2013 projects: 1) Production of Chocolate and Licor, Peru.  2) Filmstudio & film equipment rental, Paramaribo, Suriname (starting in 2015). Still ongoing until 2017.

March 2014 projects: production of peanuts in Sudan including farmers training and outgrowers and Production of RDF in Sudan and Production of several type of doors for naval and offshore industry, Vietnam.  Still ongoing; fase 1 of the project, 4 more to go. These projects will continue until at least 2017.

More news to follow soon. In the meantime check this out: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12581674. This is the former PSOM project (PRI Uganda) which has been sold to SAB Miller in 2010. It is still running and successful.