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Kampala school  2005: Kampala has a significant waste problem regarding PET and (HD)PE bottles discarded throughout the city and beyond.

Used bottles have no value and are thus disposed off in public areas, transported to landfills or are burned off by households.

landfill Kitezi Kampala

PatriezUganda2 004

Landfill Kampala

Rwenzori Beverage Ltd., Kampala Uganda, is the Ugandan partner in the PSOM project. Rwenzori has around 300 staff and its main activity is mineral water bottling and the production of plastic bottles (for its own use and for sale).

Rwenzori OfficeRwenzori

Rwenzori Beverage

Mr. Somani, the Managing Director of Rwenzori Beverage Ltd and Mr. Driessen of Plastic Herverwerking Brabant BV (PHB), go through the Rwenzori factory accompanied by Mr. Buyarugaba (the future manager of PRI).


juli2006 033

Mr. Buyarugaba and Mr. Driessen at PHB. Plastic Herverwerking Brabant BV (PHB) is the Dutch partner in the PSOM project. PHB is a recycling company in Waalwijk, The Netherlands.

April 2011:

PRI has been bought by SABMiller a year ago. The factory is still running though and doing well. They now employ 101 persons of which 70 are woman.

They produce 40 tonnes a week and own 2 trucks.


They now have some competitors but these only bale PET bottles HDPE  items, and export to China. They do not clean or shred.