Collection & Incineration of Hospital waste (organic and non organic) Khartoum, Sudan


This project is now in the second phase and is installing incinerators in an outside area of Khartoum.

I will update information and add pictures once the incineration have been tested and are operational.

I do add here some pictures of the current situation on hospital waste.

The waste is not stored nor put in any protected area; it is just thrown on the soil together with all other hospital waste (paper, food etc etc) including old medicine, syringes, blood containers, blood bags, HIV tests and anything else you can think off.

This PSI project will collect this waste, train staff how to handle it and incinerate organic and non organic waste in specially designed incinerators including air filters to prevent any pollution.

They will start with 40 hospitals and go to 80 and beyond. The purpose is to have ALL hospital waste disposed off in a responsible manner. It should no longer end up on dumpsites with household waste.

 Update November 2013:

The first incinerator has been installed. They will start collecting waste before end of the year.

Due to new Environmental regulations, the project will be moved to 35 km outside Khartoum. This has caused some delay and there fore incineration has not started as yet.




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