Cultivation, processing and export of specialty peanuts (Latin America)

Further details and description of the project will follow once the project has been gone through the process of approval by the EVD.

Latest news:

This project has been approved for funding by the EVD/Agentschap NL:

Nov 2011: the project has already gathered peanuts from small farmers. They are already sold in the supermarkets of Albert Heijn in The Netherlands and Germany.

Update NOV 2013:

The peanut is sold by Jack Klijn in The Netherlands and is called the OERPINDA:

Almost 300 farmers have been trained and already 1200 MT of peanuts have been exported to The Netherlands.

The factory in Bolivia has been finalized. It has become 3 times as big and extra investments have been made with the help of ANNONA fund and the partners themselves.

See their new website:



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