Production of Aquafeed in Uganda


This project was submitted in August 2007.

Project Budget: 825.000 Euros

Subsidy: 495.000 Euros

This project was approved by the EVD for funding in December 2007.

However, the Dutch partner/investor and the EVD could not agree on certain terms during the contract negotiations and therefore the Dutch partner withdrew from the project.

Uganda is still in great need for good quality Aquafeed as is East Africa as a whole. All high quality fish feeds are being imported which makes it highly expensive, less profitable and difficult to start or expand fish farming activities.

Without local production in any country in East Africa, Aquaculture will not take off or develop to a business which could easily export large amounts of high quality Tilapia into the region or Europe.

All existing fish farmers in East Africa would profit enormously if a foreign company would invest in the set up of an Aquafeed production plant. Needed is not only an investor but mainly foreign expertise and knowledge.



PSOM 2007


Aquafeed Uganda Limited